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1 Day Work Week Compensation Plan Review

Today I’m going to write a 1 Day Work Week Compensation plan review. It was just released this week and it’s amazing! I Day Work Week’s CEO and Founder J. Joshua Beistle calls it the “millionaire maker”. It utilizes a plan dubbed “Genius Compensation” which means huge upfront commissions for the sale of product. Although this company does utilize “levels” in their compensation plan, it isn’t a typical Multi-Level Marketing company. It is really an affiliate program in which you can be paid overrides on other affiliates that sign up through your link. For instance, (to be honest) if you decide to purchase or sign up as an affiliate through one of my links on this page like this one (and get a SUPER Bonus btw) then you would be signing up to 1 Day Work Week through my affiliate link. When an affiliate who signs up through my link sells product then I would receive a bonus. But only on certain levels. Levels 2, 4, 6, and 16 to be exact. This is a smart move by Jay Beistle because Network Marketing companies can get into liquidity issues when they have to pay commissions on many multiple levels. This also ensures that everyone is paid handsomely.

Watch The 1 Day Work Week Compensation Plan Review

1 Day Work Week Compensation Plan Review

1 Day Work Week Compensation Plan Review Continues…

I’ll try to go more in-depth now in my review of the 1 Day Work Week compensation plan.

To start, first know that there are 4 products: Starter, Inner Circle, Funnel Lifestyle, and Traffic Kings. You can learn more about the products on my product review page. It’s important to know because each of these products create 4 separate downlines. Starter and Inner Circle are 2 different levels of the system. You’re customer would purchase one of these. So that sale would fall under the appropriate “powerline”. Funnel Lifestyle and Traffic Kings are both educational and mastermind products each focusing on different aspects of automating one’s business. You’re customer could potentially purchase both of these packages. Each sale going to it’s designated powerline. So, 1 customer could purchase Inner Circle, Funnel Lifestyles, and Traffice Kings (or the All-in package). At that point you would have a sale in 3 of your 4 lines.

Now there are 2 types of ways to be paid and multiple payments under those types. There is personal and “coded bonuses”. When you sell any 1 Day Work Week product you are paid a Personal Commission. This could be up to $20 depending on the product. If that buyer also became and affiliate you would also be paid a Fast Start Commission of $350. From one sale you just made $370 in commissions.

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But there’s more…

You’ll also receive coded bonuses.

From the example above you will also receive $1,050 in coded bonuses and another $80 in Coded Monthly Bonuses, also known as residuals.

The turns your one sale into $1400 in your pocket. You receive these coded bonuses on your 1st, 5th, and 7-15th sales. (You keep the personal commissions on all personal sales)

So how does 1 Day Work Week’s overrides work?

Above describes your personal sales. Now it’s important to know that everyone keeps their own personal commissions on every sale. You’ll also receive the coded bonus and the coded monthly bonuses on your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 16th downline sales. That’s pretty powerful and really helps spread the wealth.

Well, I hope I explained the 1 Day Work Week Compensation Plan well enough. J. Joshua Beistle may have done it better in the video above.

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